Bullet Journal Ideas for School

If you’re a student looking for some creative ideas for your new bullet journal, you’ve come to the right place! School and college are undoubtedly some of the busiest times of our lives, and bullet journals are a great way to stay organized for school and ensure you don’t miss your deadlines! And remember that you can always start, and change your plan and structure as you go throughout the academic year.

Here are some bullet journal ideas for school:

Upcoming deadlines

deadlines bujo

Unfortunately, being a student comes with many deadlines, and your journal can provide the perfect space to write them all down, and remind you of the tasks and work that you have to get done soon.

Upcoming exam timetable

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If you have exams coming soon, create a spread detailing the dates and times of each one alongside your coursework deadlines.

Class timetable

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Your class schedule can get confusing, especially as your exams draw closer, but using your bullet journal to create a timetable will help you visualise when and where you need to be for all of your classes.

Grade tracker

Monitoring your process is key to your school success, so this is a perfect tracker to add in to your bullet journal.

To-do list

school bullet journal to do list
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Write a list of all the major tasks that need completing. This can include tasks that are outside of school, such as study groups, social events, sports events, or even doing your food shopping.

Books to buy

reading list for school bullet journal
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Most courses recommend a reading list of books to help you with your learning, and jotting these down in your school bullet journal will remind you to get reading.

Study playlist

study playlist

Who inspires you to study? What are your favourite concentration songs? Do you have a go-to playlist to throw on whilst you revise? Write these down in your journal to refer back to when you sit down to study, and need some motivational music.

Revision plan

bullet journal mind map

The short time before exams. can be very stressful, particularly when you have several classes to revise for. Once you know exactly when all of your upcoming exams are, you can set out a revision plan to stay on top of your studies, ready to smash your exams.

Revision notes

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After making your revision plan, you could leave a bunch of empty pages ready to fill with your revision notes. Your bullet journal is a great place to keep all of your study notes in one place, and will make your revision easier, and more organised.

Celebration plans

celebration bujo

The latter part of your school bullet journal is the best bit, as it can be dedicated to how you’re going to celebrate when your exams are over. Create some fun, colourful spreads listing your post-exam bucket list.

So, there are a bunch of ideas for your bullet journal to organise, and track your progress in school. Using a bullet journal to keep your school functions all in one place will save you tons of work, time, and energy, whilst allowing you to get creative and relieve stress.

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