Best Bullet Journal YouTube Channels

For those of you who are new to bullet journaling, and are looking for some inspiration, YouTube is a great place to gain new ideas. There are hundreds of videos available to watch and follow along with whilst creating your monthly spreads.

Here are some of my favourite channels for bullet journal inspiration.


Amanda’s channel is a perfect place to start if you’re looking for creative ideas for your new bullet journal. She has been on YouTube for almost 10 years and posts a range of artsy content.

Each month, she posts a new ‘monthly spread’ video where she gives themed ideas for your spreads that you can recreate for your own journal. She also has some how-to videos for you to learn calligraphy techniques.

Amanda does regular live streams on Twitch, and posts this content on her YouTube channel. If you want to follow along and add to your bullet journal in real time, I recommend checking these videos out.

I loved this long-form upload of her recent Twitch stream, where she went through her February bullet journal setup.


Studyquill is the perfect option if you are currently in school or college. Jasmine is the creator behind this channel, and she covers not only journaling content, but also school and study related content. She shares her college life with us in regular vlog-style videos, as well as her bullet journal focused content.

This channel covers note taking tips, stationary hauls, and productivity hacks. For any of you who are students and are struggling to stay focused on your school work, or want to stay organised, her videos will be helpful.

I loved this video to help make your notes ‘a little bit cuter’ (Jasmine’s words, not mine)!

Caitlin’s Corner

For all things journaling, reading, organisation, and cosy vlogs, Caitlin is your girl. She is a young Canadian creator who posts regular bullet journal content.

Alongside some wonderful journaling ideas, her videos cover goal setting, self-care, and morning routines. You can incorporate these things into your own bullet journal.

Her reading journal setup video was so inspirational to watch.

Plant Based Bride

When you watch Elizabeth’s videos, it is clear that she is passionate about what she does. She advocates a sustainable lifestyle and positive mental attitude.

Her channel has plenty of bullet journal videos for you to get some inspiration for the upcoming months. She also posts regularly about the books she is reading.

I thoroughly enjoyed looking at her most recent bullet journal flip through video.

Seed Successful You

Although this channel posts fewer videos each month than some of the others I have mentioned, every video is well thought-out. If you’re looking for highly organised and easy to follow videos, this channel is perfect for you.

Her videos do not have voice-overs like most of the other bullet journal videos, but the visuals are clear and aesthetic. The spreads are simple and have minimal colour, so they’re great to follow along with and re-create in your own bullet journal.

The video showing her 2021 bullet journal setup was such an inspiration.

Boho Berry

Apart from having a super cute name, this channel gives positive vibes all round. As a watcher, you feel a great personal connection to Kara who hosts the channel.

Boho Berry provides videos to help you with planning and organising your bullet journals, as well as some meditation and mindfulness focused videos.

She has not uploaded since last year, but her ‘plan with me’ bullet journal videos are in-depth and detailed, but also relaxed and informal.

Watch her most recent ‘plan with me’ video for some ultimate bullet journal inspiration.

Journal Away

If you’re looking for some aesthetic journal pages to look through, this is the channel for you. Anna shows her monthly spreads in regular ‘plan with me’ videos, and teaches us how to improve our hand lettering and drawing skills.

Her bullet journal is definitely more advanced and she uses a lot of watercolour paints, and intricate lettering. So, if you want to challenge your creative skills, give her videos a watch!

For an in-depth ‘plan with me’ video full of drawing and watercolour painting, check out her recent video.

Jenny Journals

Jenny covers a lot of bullet journal content alongside other aspects of art and DIY. Everything including monthly ‘plan with me’ videos, watercolours, sticker making, and art supplies – she covers it all!

Her ‘plan with me’ monthly videos are fun to watch, and she makes every video unique and homely.

If you need some stationary recommendations, Jenny also posts stationary hauls where she goes through her recent purchases.

Jenny’s December bullet journal setup video was so cosy and seasonal.


Although this channel has not posted in a few months, there are many videos currently up on the channel that will give you some bullet journal inspiration, and content is still being posted on the MyLifeinaBullet Instagram page.

This channel is also great for handwriting and calligraphy lessons. She has some amazing videos where she goes through her top tips to get the neatest handwriting.

For some amazing handwriting tips, see this flip through video she posted.

Claudia Joseph

Claudia’s channel does not focus exclusively on bullet journaling, but she posts some incredible content around art, stationary, and DIY. Her spreads are simplistic and colourful, and she posts monthly ‘plan with me’ videos.

Most of her videos are around the 10-minute mark, making them easy and quick to watch for when you’re in need of some creative inspiration.

Claudia’s recent video covered her February setup, which was simplistic and perfect for beginners.

Now you have the best bullet journal YouTube channels to look to for inspiration, it’s time to start watching some videos and getting creative with your bullet journal spreads! Let me what your favourite bullet journaling channels are, and what types of videos you love to watch for your journal inspiration.

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