9 Wonderful Winter Bullet Journal Ideas

As winter time rolls around, we spend more of our time inside snuggled up in bed. This is the perfect time to grab your bullet journal and get creative. It’s fun to theme your bullet journal around the seasons, and winter is no exception.

Winter is a fun season that includes holidays, festivities, and positivity. If you’re stuck for winter bullet journal ideas, look no further! Here are a bunch of ideas you can add to your new spreads this winter.

  • Snow

Snow is synonymous with winter. Snowflakes, snowmen, snowballs…as soon as I think of these, I think of winter and cold weather.

Use a snow theme across your bullet journal to add that wintery vibe. Add snowflakes around the edges of the pages, or doodle snowmen across your spreads. Snowmen are super easy to draw and you can give each one a different coloured scarf to make it more interesting.

These examples below bring all of these nicely together.

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This December cover page is simple but super pretty.


Alternatively, you could use snow globes for your trackers. This example below shows a snow globe mood tracker.


  • Winter Landscapes

Winter landscapes are so peaceful and they are perfect for your winter bullet journal.

These spreads show a gorgeous, snowy winter night with trees lining the bottom of the page. Adding glitter to these pages would bring them to life.



This one shows an icy lake surrounded by leafless trees. You can easily recreate this using felt tip pens or watercolours.


You could incorporate a winter landscape into your December cover page and calendar like this page below.


  • Gingerbread Men and Candy Sticks

Gingerbread and candy sticks are popular around Christmas time. They are tasty treats that make you feel festive. You can also use them in your winter bullet journal to create your cover pages, trackers, and goals pages. 

This cover page combines gingerbread men and candy canes with trees and leaves.


Below shows a December calendar with a gingerbread house in the corner.


As part of your gingerbread theme, add in some of your favourite recipes to inspire you to get baking like this journal below.


  • Christmas

Christmas is a huge part of winter. It can also be a huge part of your winter bullet journal. There are so many options when it comes to creating Christmas themed pages for your journal. I’ve included several examples below for you to get some inspiration. You can re-create these, or use bits from each one to make your own, unique spreads.





  • Winter Bucket List

If you’ve got a winter bucket list, create a spread listing everything you want to achieve. Or you can write a list of all of the indoor activities you want to do whilst the weather is bitterly cold during the winter months.

If you’re unsure what to do with yourself over winter, refer back to your list. These examples show a few different ways you can incorporate a winter bucket list into your journal. They can be as simple or as artsy as you like.



  • New Year’s Resolutions

January is still counted as winter time, so transform your current bullet journal by adding in some beautiful New Year spreads.

If you’re starting a new journal for the new year, begin with a page full of your New Year’s resolutions or upcoming goals. Make it aesthetic so you want to read your goals every day. Most people don’t stick to their resolutions, but did you know that writing them down makes you much more likely to reach your goals?

This example is unique. It uses white pen on black paper. I really love the way this harsh contrast looks. If you want to switch up your normal journaling pages, try using black paper like this one.


  • Fireworks

To go with the New Year theme, incorporate a firework theme into your January spreads. We hear so many fireworks on New Year’s Eve as people celebrate brining in the new calendar year. Make the most of this period by creating colourful spreads for your bullet journal. You could even add some glitter to the fireworks to make them pop.

Below shows the January cover page for a new bullet journal. The gold and black colours go really well together. It’s simple, yet effective.


8. Hot Chocolate or Coffee

Hot drinks are perfect for winter. They are tasty, and they keep you warm. Whether you love your coffee, or prefer a sweet hot chocolate, create a drinks themed winter bullet journal. Check these pages below for some inspiration.

This first one shows a delicious hot chocolate covered with marshmallows. The creator also includes a bunch of Christmas related doodles like gingerbread cookies and a candy cane.



9. Polar Bears

Polar bears are another thing synonymous with winter. Not only this, but they are cute and cuddly, perfect for your winter bullet journal.

Below shows a double-page spread including a cute polar bear.


If you’re feeling extra and fancy an artistic challenge, grab your paints and try this page below.


These are just ten ideas for your winter bullet journal. Feel free to use as many as you like, and pull inspiration from the examples. Get yourself a hot drink, get cosy, and get bullet journaling!




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